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Money-Back Guarantee

Welcome to our Refund Policy page! We recommend reading this statement carefully before registering and placing your order with us. Our company gives refunds under certain circumstances. Please take into account that no refunds are given if your paper was delivered more than 2 weeks ago and you did not notify us about having a problem with it. We strive to address all situations and cases individually. The following terms and conditions apply to refund requests:

Order Cancellation

Please note that it is a customer's responsibility to cancel an order within three-hour period after placing it. The customer can get a full refund if s/he stops the ordering process before the task has been assigned to any of our writers. We protect our authors and give them compensations for the works they have already started writing. We do not provide any kind of refunds if your paper was completed and delivered in due time.

Double-Charge For One Order

If you received two bills from the payment systems and were charged twice by mistake, you are welcome to contact us immediately. We will refund the second payment. Alternatively, you have an option to use the duplicate payment for the future orders. If you consider the second option, special discount may be offered as well.

Customer Ordered Twice

If our customer accidentally placed one order twice, s/he must contact our support team immediately. Similar to double-charging, duplicate orders should be canceled within 3 hours after the payment. Otherwise, partial refund will be granted and 25% of the order's total will be reserved to cover the expense.

No Writer Was Found For The Project

If such situations occur, our customers have the right to receive 100% refund. Please note that our refund policy does not cover paper revisions. If you are not satisfied with the final draft, you have the right to ask for free amendments within 14 days after paper delivery. We will revise and/or re-write your assignment at no extra cost for you. Refunds are not granted if the revision right was fulfilled.

Plagiarisms In The Papers

We run all our works through anti-plagiarism scan and strictly monitor this process. We deliver only 100% original assignments. If you trace plagiarism in the delivered assignment, you are welcome to contact us instantly and we will investigate the case. Please take into account that full refunds are given if plagiarism score exceeds 10%, which can be attributed to similarity in common wording (commonly used phrases and sentences) and references (entries in works cited lists and bibliographies).

Customer's Paper Was Not Delivered

In case when we are late with your paper, we recalculate your price to the lower rate. For example, when your order was to be delivered in 8-12 hours and you got it after 24 hours, we will give you a partial refund if deadline extension was not negotiated with you beforehand. If we deliver no paper, full refund is granted.

If you have any additional questions about our refund policy please contact our 24/7 support team.